Investing smartly, Creating winners

Our Philosophy

As long term investors, our approach is to invest ahead of market trends to generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

We employ a disciplined top-down approach using macroeconomic fundamentals to identify attractive sectors and then work towards becoming the preferred partners with the best companies in these sectors by continuous industry interactions and robust deal origination engine.

Mapping Macro onto Micro
Determining ideal sector mix based on macro - economic view
Top-Down Sector Research
Identifying sweet spots /trends ahead of the market
Differentiated deal origination
CEO relationships, Direct calling on companies, Working with influencers
Flexible Investment Style
Span public and private markets, Ability to do early stage/growth and minority/control deals
Value Creation
Helping in scaling up, Navigating down cycles, Setting high corporate governance standards
Exit Optimization
Taking companies public, Increasing liquidity, Driving strategic sales
Maximizing net returns
Reducing gross net spread, Defer fees, Dividend recapitalization