Pioneers of Private Equity in India

About BPEP India

One of the earliest PE funds in India – with 22 years of investment experience across sectors & economic cycles. About 4000 crores invested across 4 funds in 60+ companies.

Baring India advised Funds

250+ years of partnering with visionary enterprises worldwide



    Started as Barings Bank in the UK; 2nd oldest merchant bank and banker to the Queen of England



    Facilitated purchase of the State of Louisiana by US government from Napoleon.



    Financed first railway from Moscow to St. Petersburg



    Started Private Equity Operations to become the first pan-European providers of private equity capital



    ING bank acquired Barings Bank



    Commenced India operations



    Fund I launched



    Finalized MBO from ING group. Investment and advisory teams continue to use the Baring Private Equity brand.



    Fund II launched



    Fund III launched. Recognized as ‘Best Private Equity firm in India’, Mid Market 2008, by Venture Intelligence



    Fund IV Launched

BPEP India is a member of Baring Private Equity International

Founded in 1984, Baring Private Equity Partners has a rich heritage of entrepreneurial initiative that began nearly
three decades ago when the firm became one of the first pan-European providers of private equity capital. The funds
advised invest in every major market outside the USA via seven regional fund groups with local investment advisors
in Europe, Asia and Latin America. With approximately USD 18 billion in funds under management, Baring Private
Equity International has one of the most extensive on-the-ground networks of any international private equity
provider. Baring Private Equity International finalized its MBO from ING Group in August 2004. Investment teams
managing the regional funds have acquired ownership of their respective management companies, all of which will
continue to use the Baring Private Equity brand.